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RESHAPE announced the winners of the Reshape18| sensing materialities competition.

This year the Reshape competition was divided into two categories: Wearable technology and Product design.
More than 40 projects from 16 countries were submitted for the prize consideration.   The jury members selected 10 designers for each category that had the opportunity to pitch them proposal at the RESHAPE FORUM, held in Barcelona from the 16-18th of October 2018.
During the RESHAPE FORUM,  Aldo Sollazzo, Director of Noumena and Reshape announced the winners of Reshape18| sensing materialities; Award sponsored by Luxottica.

The 1st Prize goes to  Amphibio”  for its significant experimental approach, establishing interconnections between users, environment and data. Project designed by Jun Kamei.
The 2nd Prize goes to  “Oru” designed by Oran Sheinman.
The 3rd Prize goes to “Yuvia” designer by Fernanda Cabello, María Ignacia Alcaíno,  Anaïs Weil.

Honorary Mentions Product design:
“Cali”   Quinn Edgecombe, Ronald Finger
“Quantic cyrle” – Pol Guixe,  Oscar Velasco, Cristina Prim, Oscar Chic.

The 1st Prize goes to “reGrow”, for its multidisciplinary approach and the investigation of bacterial cellulose (kombucha) as an assistive and reactive fabric. Project design by Adrien Rigobello, Vivien Roussel, Surzhana Radnaeva, Tim Leeson,  Robert Pratt and Benjamin Denjean with the  
The 2nd Prize goes to “Fold the Interfashionality” designed by  Mingjing lin, Tsai-chun Huang with
The 3rd Prize goes to  BioVer” designers by Jessica Dias, Thora Hafdis Arnardottir, Agustina Ros and  Nikos Argyros.

Honorary Mentions Wearable technology category:
“Odradek” – Patricia Wu Wu.
“Hypodermia – Aurélie Fontan.
“ A zero waste fashion” – Nuria Costa, Ane Castro.

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