RESHAPE18 | sensing materialities
Project design category

Designers: Kai Wan Yue


To people who has hyper flexible fingers. It is a jewellery based orthotic device that regains proper hand gesture and provide support to the PIP joint. Adding a visually stunning effect to a medical deformity corrector.

Hyperextension joints are common and occur in about 10 to 25% of the population. It is usually not associated with any symptoms but a minority of people develop other conditions like unstable joints and pain. People with hyper flexible fingers will put abnormal stress on the ligament around the fingers’ PIP joints. Causing the ligament to loosen. Hype extension pip joints will bow towards the palm and cause discomfort.

Correcting and practicing devices may create unwanted attention or lower elf esteem. Jewellery, however, enhance body parts and gain positive attention. Combining both may create a new choice for consumers and change their perspective on wearing a device. A medical device with aesthetics that strengthen fingers.

According to our research, products of existing brands that create medical devices are mainly focusing on functionality and technology. This creates a market gap for us that we could produce a product lies within, technology, function a fashion.

-Prevention is better than cure
Although hyper extensive fingers may not exactly lead to a condition, it could still worsen the joins through time and wrong forces. Just like sitting in a bad gesture could lead to a much more serious matter.

– Fashionable medical device
Wearing an extra device on the hand may attract attention that users may not want. However, users mentally feel better when the device they are wearing is designed aesthetically, where attention they get will be positive.

– Increase the duration of usage of finger
With hyper extensive fingers, fingers will collapse and all the pressure will hit on the pip joints. Users may not tolerate holding or doing activities for a long period of time. With the device, the pip joints will be protected and users can practice using the right gesture and strength.


For the device function, the pip joint should be locked up, so that users are forced to use their finger tips. As for our design, it is about creating an elegant moving ribbon that wraps around the fingers, palm and the wrist. In the main time, would not cover up too much of the hand’s surface.

In our design, only two fingers are retrained, but the movement of the other tendons may have obliged to come along. This gives us the benefit of a less bulky and smooth design.


Ease pain on joints / Comfortable / Strengthen muscles / Prevent worsening

Stylish medical device / Easy to clean/ Styling for personal use

Porcelain is a traditional decorative craft which requires high technique and skill to create. With the technology with 3D print, it can be produced look alikes with a more affordable price.

PET Filament, This material is strong and flexible which has a glossy finish. Most importantly, it is food and skin safe. It would be a good choice as it will be a device where the users will have a long period of contact on the skin.

Ceramic coating
The coating avoids scratches and dirt. It also strengthens and makes the product long-lasting. As we touch and interact with our hands a lot during our days, it is important that the device can tolerate your daily routines.

Gold powder
The precious M080 machine can turn gold powder into any hollow unique shapes. This technology can be used to create the simple rim on the ribbon design. This way, less material is used, but the outcome is affordable and of high quality.



Our design is one thin piece flow and a ring, not material is used. Moreover, our main design is built in PLA, it is very affordable to print. Approximately around 10 Euro to produce the main structure. As for the gold rim, the existing technology can print it in hollow, we estimate the total production cost may be 40 Euro.