Reshape'15 | Wearable Technology Competition

Project Description

Project Detail

This project focuses on human comfort and flexibility for variety of lifestyles. We are proposing an adaptive dress for women to wear throughout their pregnancy periods. One dress is designed to fit an entire period of pregnancy. The dress is designed from 2 cm2 triangle modules which composes an origami pattern. These patterns come together to form en entire dress. The origami fold is opened where the dress increases in size during the maternity. First a computer model was created through rule based design with tools such as Rhinoceros Grasshopper and Kangaroo simulations. Later a dress pattern was created. Our material choice is a perforated polyester that allow air ventilation. The production process requires a laser cutter to cut the dress pattern , apply the origami pattern on the fabric and finally a robot hand for the folding process of the breast and stomach side of the dress which will expand during this period. Our goal is to bring design with functionality to help people in their everyday life experiences. We believe a new technology is efficient only if it is perfectly simple and eye-pleasing.


Ece Cakir

Aysegul Ozarmut