Reshape'15 | Wearable Technology Competition

Project Description

Project Detail


SAM! ´s project was born chatting with my brother. He was complaining, again, about passing by his stop when he was coming back home from the hospital after an extremely long working day. He is finishing his Residency in Internal Medicine. So we started thinking about something that could wake him up while he was sleeping on the bus. I made a research about the “sleeping in public transport” subject and I found out that there were a lot of people suffering about missing their stop. I told my brother to try a few –wake up- apps, but the cellphone alarm was useless with his cellphone in his bag. At the time I thought – there should be a small man who can wake you up! Thus it was conceived SAM!


SAM! System of Awakening in Motion is a system that allows you to sleep in public transport without the risk of missing your stop. Is a system compose by a small plastic device and a soft plastic base attached to SAM!´s cool clothes. This is a small buzz alarm for public transportation that combines simple (and cheap) technology and efficiency into a very functional device. 

Its Bluetooth controlled via an Android App. This App runs by tracking Google Maps information and let you set up to 3 alarms to wake you up before arriving to destination. It features a powerful AEM processor and Bluetooth Low Energy, providing an efficient communication with your Smartphone GPS and making a significant contribution to the quality of our lives.  “Does this look good on me?” SAM! Looks good on you!


The idea of this project is to not only develop a travel alarm, but to create an identity of a character that integrates technology and everyday life. The goal is not a clothing brand, SAM! It can be sold in different brands, shops and via internet. Having the device, you can buy different T-shirts where it can be placed, no need to buy the whole pack. This allows SAM! to be highly adaptable to local and global market, been accessible for people all over the world.


It is a very simple device that was intended to be mass produced in countries that do not have easy access to sophisticated technologies, not only for imports but because issues are much more expensive. The prototype Case was made with a 3D filament printer (PLA) and the Base with FilaFlex. The device basically consists of 3 parts and its electronic components. The T-shirts where printed with dye-sublimation technique. The main objective of this project was to create a friendly, simple and economic system that could be assembled and used by as many people as possible!