Musical Remix Garment

Reshape'15 | Wearable Technology Competition

Project Description

Project Detail

“Musical remix garment” is an interactive garment that enables a person to remix a song by wearing it in various ways. The piece has several fasteners ( in this specific design magnetic buttons) that allows the wearer to close them and use the piece in different ways. Each button, when closed, trigger a track of a musical composition. By closing and opening the buttons the wearer can remix  the music in real time. This performatic wearable device creates a new way to experience digital music and could be used by common people wishing more fun on their lives or for musicians and performances willing to take their presentations to another level. The garment is connected via bluetooth to a tailor made phone application that is responsible to receive the information coming from the garment and trigger the specific sound tracks. The app is also responsible to sync all the tracks and make sure it will sound good. This interactive fabric system could be potentially used in different clothes designs and to control other applications in your phone like mp3 player, send your gps location or record a conversation. All the electronics are embedded in a capsule made of neoprene for the first prototype. This capsule attaches to the garment via metallic pressure buttons and it is easy to be disconnected in case of washing. The electronics are: 1 arduino nano, 1 voltage step up, 1 lypo battery charger, 1 bluetooth module, 1switch button and 1 typo battery. The battery can be easily charged using a usb cable. The capsule has led visual feedback to show when it is on and paired with the phone. The capsule could be improved using rapid prototype techniques like 3dprint and laser cut. The electronic circuit is embroidered in an extra layer of the piece using conductive thread. To use the piece you have first to pair the smart phone with the device. Once it is paired you can put the phone in your pocket and start playing. On the phone you should be able to select the music you want to remix and also upload new sounds and compositions. The sound comes from the phone or to a sound system attached to it.


Ricardo Oliveira Nascimento