Reshape'15 | Wearable Technology Competition

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Aria is a 3d printed hat that controls body temperature and interacts to weather changes.

When the temperature changes, the sensor sends an input into the circuit that heats or cools the head and release warmness or coolness, depending on the need, in order to re-establish the basal body temperature and ensure the homeostasis maintenance.

Aria is a wearable technology project based on the use of arduino’s technology and 3d printing design.


The link between the body temperature and weather changes is a biological regulation of the human being called thermoregulation or homeostasis: literally means “same state” and it refers to the process of keeping the internal body environment in a steady state, when the external environment is changed. Mostly the women are the more affected from temperature disorders, hence the decision to design a fedora hat, purely female.


The project has the intention of evoking thermal stimulations in order to create body thermal comfort in women that suffer from any kind of temperature related disorders.


The three critical points of the human body are the hypothalamus, hands and feet. The choice to take care of the head comes from a medical reason, since the centre of the problem is in the hypothalamus, located in the brain acting in the hardcore of the problem. It prevents the spread of the phenomenon to the other points of the body, solving the root problem.


The project was conceived as a product that can be manufactured entirely within a FabLab, making the technology available to common use. Completely printed with the use of just one machine, the 3d printer. The design is subdivided in 5 parts easy to assemble thanks to a rail joint system. Each single design part occupies the minimal volume of any common 3d printer to allow all fablabs to print it. (the 3d printer used is a prusa, with a 180x180x170 plate). The technology is made accessible to all thanks to the Arduino shared code and the use of only 3 electronic components readily available on the Internet with a low cost budget and quick delivery time. The circuit is located on a 3d printed base linked to the hat through a 3d screw system. This allows the project to be able of being used, according to the needs, as a 3d printed hat or with the including of the electronics, as a wearable technology project.


The easy feasibility of the circuit is designed to give a chance to anyone, inside a FabLab to be able to replicate it. The goal is to make it accessible to ordinary people and to approach not only to the world of wearable technology but also to be able to understand what’s behind in order to build a project on their own.


from sensitive to technology 3d printed project

The objective is improving people daily lives. Thermoregulation in fact responds to the threefold goal of ‘health care / MEDICAL ISSUES, the SENSITIVE/EMOTIVE design and WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY; enabling interaction between design and appearance, as well as to solve specific problems connected to diseases related with the weather changes.


Alessandra Antonetti