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Project Description


Kulonus audio visualizer

Kulonus is a compact gadget worn around the neck and equipped with a microphone and a monochrome display that turns any sounds into 8-bit images. Random conversations, wind, cats’ meowing, brakes’ squeals and fire alarms turn into pixels before your eyes. There are 20 display modes to choose from.

The main target audience is young people living in big cities. They are interested in modern technologies and like to try and buy unusual devices. Being a unique gadget that turns sounds into images, Kulonus doesn’t have competitors on the market, which makes it very popular with the young audience. It gets a lot of reviews and is actively discussed in social media.

Kulonus is both a gadget and an unusual accessory that combines the latest trends in fashion and technology. Futuristic designs appear more and more often at fashion shows, and the gadget’s sci-fi appearance comes fully in line with this trend. Worn on a plain black string around the neck, it is a stylish accessory for men and women alike.

Kulonus helps the wearer to socialize, communicate with people and make new friends. Its unusual appearance attracts attention and provokes questions at any party. The gadget’s wearer immediately becomes a center of attention and gets an opportunity to show off.

The interest aroused by the unusual gadget makes people want to learn more about the latest scientific achievements, understand acoustic principles and computer technologies, and even make something similar themselves. Kulonus encourages young people to pursue unusual hobbies and raises the general level of education.

The product’s prime cost is low, as the device doesn’t have an intricate body and a rechargeable battery and works with an ordinary CR2032 battery. The simple design solution makes the gadget available for customers with any level of income.

Artemy Lebedev( director)

Aleksandr Zolotov (designer)

Andrey Ushnurtsev (package design )

Tatiana Kozlova (translator )

Anna Vatrikovskaya (editor )

Svetlana Kost –  Anastasia Prischepa –

Dmitry Zudin (managers )