RESHAPE17 | programmable skins

Project Description


Easy & Fun

This is a series of design works which called Easy & Fun wearable Assistive Devices design.
We notice that all the Assistive Devices nowadays are function oriented. How to persuade the disability children to wear or use Assistive Devices? Because most of the time they resist and fear to put these devices on their body.
We would like to ask:
• Why the Assistive Devices cannot become more interesting?
• Why toys can only be toys?
Therefore, we attempt to integrate the Assistive Devices and Toys together to become an Easy use and Fun wearable helper. We emphasize the concept of “it can be an Assistive Devices or a Fun Toy”.
We design a series of Easy & Fun wearable helper:
Easy eat: for people or children with arm disabilities.
Easy Walk: for people or children with leg disabilities or defect.
Give me five: for people or children with arm disabilities.
These designs can be fun toys for everyone too.
Customize Manufacture process
We use digital fabrication process to design and manufacture the products. First we scan the body parts, then design and modelling, lastly 3D printed tested models or prototype are made. We embedded micro controller, motors and mechanical structural in designs, to fit the function and also some fun feedback as a toys. We hope to see the smile from the disability people especially children after they use our Easy & Fun wearable Assistive Devices design.

Wei-Yi -Hung

Yu-Ting – Liu

Qi-Wen – Chen

Chor-Kheng Lim