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Derive [App]arel
The Derive Jacket concept carries with it the ability to drift the urban landscape.
Dérive is a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society:
a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. This wearable tackles the
problem of being able to navigate through the city without a phone on hand allowing
users to more spontaneously explore their city while looking up, instead of down.
The programmable material we are using is Nitinol Wire, also known as Muscle Wire.
It expands and contracts within the jacket to sublty signal forward, right and left…tugal/.
The project would use geolocation to inform the body within the suit. As the
individual walks through the city, the fabric would expand and contract left or right
panels of the jacket. The user would feel pressure on either side of the stomach,
guiding them towards their location. In order to tell the jacket where to take us, we
programmed a GPS satellite chip and an Flora Arduino in order to communicate with
a text from a cell phone. One could simply text, “home” to an android phone number
and the suit would begin guiding the body home.
By using Google Maps to find our way through the city, our brains have become
programmed to rely on a map for directions. The Derive Jacket would allow the
individual to explore through implicit signals. Subtle pressure on either side of the
stomach would suggest a general directionality, as opposed to an explicit one.
We envision the future of this project to truly become a App-arell; a wearable that
can be modified, hacked and tailored for any type of user, much like a smartphone.
We would hope to see the amplification of freewill; the individual no longer glued to
a cell phone screen or stranded upon a loss of internet connection. Individuals who
embrace this technology would be able to use their wearables to improvise and
allow the mind and body to drift creatively in the urban fabric.

Steven Shimamoto
Taishiro Koga