RESHAPE17 | programmable skins
Be (in the) Water

Núria Diago Camps
Maria Carrion Ametller


Be (in the) water is a nose swimming clip based on a Voronoi structure which has been specifically adapted to the nose surface of each user, regulating the relationship between the body and its surroundings playing the role of a second skin. Be (in the) water embraces a new dimension in the design and fabrication process taking the geometry personalization by user shapes as the core of the project.
The additive manufacturing process has been the inspiration and basis of the project, coming up with the challenge of designing without fabrication limitations. Therefore, the methodology of digital craftsmanship and additive manufacturing design has been taken to go beyond customization and to carry out the project with an added value from the opportunity of its making. The fabrication of this element has been programmed according to the user data ending up with a unique shape totally personalized, what gives it an added aesthetic value (highly appreciate in the synchronized swimmers world), moving away from the idea of hiding this element, what has been done so far, and giving way to a new understanding of the product, showing it and treating it as a jewel harmonized with the world of synchronized swimming.

Where the sport of synchronized swimming is practiced moisture and water are two factors that make difficult to hold the current nose clip in contact with the user’s skin. That is why we have decided to hack materials to ensure that the piece is comfortably adjusted without slipping and guaranteeing to block the nostrils avoiding to let water enter into the user’s nose.
The formal proposal is based on a structure programmed using 3D modeling and programming softwares (Rhino and Grasshopper) which are based on a 3D scanner of the user’s nose adapting a Voronoi mesh over its surface considering its ergonomics. Once this personalized structure has been programmed it becomes a reality thanks to the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process, which improves the environmental strategies of the current nose clips in the market, minimizing the material waist as well as the overproduction and the unnecessary stock and being able to use one only material increasing its recyclability.


For the technical proposal, the skin adherence, the structure and flexibility of the material, the recyclability and the impact resistance for the convenience of its use have been assessed, taking these and other parameters to select the right material for its manufacturing: nylon.

As for the economical aspect, the manufacturing of this product does not entail a high investment cost, given that we are using additive manufacturing. The production cost would be of about ten euros.
Throughout this project can be seen how the use of nanostructures present in nature along with its correct programming can conclude in functional design solutions, giving way to innovation, as well as taking advantage of bottom-up techniques such as 3D printing to reshape already existing designs confined in conventional manufacturing.

We would like to conclude with the quote “Be water, my friend” (hence the name) with which Bruce Lee shaped his principles and on what we have based our vision: Only if we propose a progress, a new perspective of what we have already conceived we will be able to improve what already exists, and the way to do it is focusing on the adaptability, the fluidity and the idea of “form-counterform” to guarantee the total consonance between different bodies.