RESHAPE19 | Cognified matter
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Technical Designer and Team Lead: Guglielmo Bartilomo
Motion Graphic Artist and Fabricator: Prottoy Chandra
Structural engineer and Product Designer: Tian Zhang
Product and Visual Designer: Leung Hau Yin


Unhealthy sleeping patterns continue to grow as a problem in developed countries. In Australia, the Sleep Health Foundation found that in 2016, 230,000 DALYs (Disability Adjusted Life Years) were lost as a direct result of poor sleep. This lack of sleep can cause serious health problems in populations, such as depression, weight gain, reduced immunity, and other chronic diseases (Johnson, 2016). In addition, as we continue to deplete our natural resources, power scarcity may become a major problem. Capellán-Pérez et al. (2014) conclude that “By 2035, Coal supply is not able to cover its demand in any scenario. Restrictions in the coal supply could appear sooner than usually expected” and that “Electricity generation for all scenarios is not able to fulfill the demand in 2025–2035”, forcing the population to become more dependant on self-generated power.

Lumo is a home ambient lighting solution that is designed to manipulate users circadian rhythm through ambient light control, promoting wellbeing while using self generated energy. In a future where energy scarcity and frequent power cuts cause residents to rely less on energy companies and necessitate the generation of one’s own power, and where increased stress and low sleep levels from a work-driven society have a heavy impact on humanity, Lumo was developed to provide a holistic lighting solution that enhances human well-being.

Lumo diffuses natural sunlight through the room during the day, lighting a room while generating energy. This natural light has been shown to stimulate users natural sleep cycles, promoting a good night’s sleep. Throughout the evening, as the natural light dims, Lumo begins to activate the bioluminescent algae in its systems, producing light. This light will become more intense as the day declines, before beginning to fade in correspondence with the optimum circadian rhythm. This gradual effect is used to create an atmosphere that passively lull occupants into a natural tired state, without forcing action. The natural lumination created by the algae is soft and non intrusive, and does not disturb sleep patterns. This gradual phase shift of light creates a chronobiological entrainment effect, manipulating their circadian rhythm. Lumo is also completely energy neutral, generating and storing its own energy as a byproduct of its daytime functions. In ideal circumstances, it may even be able to produce excess energy for use in the home.


Lumo is comprised of 3 major pieces. A sunroof lens, an energy generator, and the algae fixture. During the day, the lens concentrates sunlight on a crystal in the generator, which refracts the light throughout the room. This sunlight is also used to fuel the algae, which only needs sunlight and oxygen to thrive. As the concentrated sunlight hits this crystal, it starts to heat up, powering a stirling engine. This engine creates power which is used to power the onboard computer, with excess being stored. As the day fades, the system starts to run an extremely low current through the fixture, agitating the algae and causing them to glow. This
current can be modulated to control the light levels produced. The system is able to detect sunlight using photo-sensitive resistors, and can predict daylight cycles accordingly, adjusting the cycles of the light to suit the cycles of the sun.
We believe Lumo can help future households continue to maintain healthy and illuminated lifestyle in futures with low power access, and create positive environmental change.

Economic Estimate
Dinoflagellates (Algae) – $40 For initial colony, can then be grown indefinitely
Structure – $50
Heat engine – $20
Solar Lens – $190