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Reshape platform

The Reshape  Platform operates at the meeting point between technology and social change, driven by innovation and sustainability.
Along the past editions Reshape, organized by Noumena, INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions and Fira Barcelona built a worldwide ecosystem, with the representative profiles from the  Industry, Education and Public Institution to leverage the talents and answer at the Industry needs across the market changes.

For this V edition, Reshape expand its network, including the IED- Istituto Europeo di Design of Barcelona as the main partner and member of the organization.

IED Barcelona is an education centre and an observatory of trends and research, and its main objective is to reflect and educate in the field of design in an interdisciplinary manner. To this end, the school has developed countless projects with professionals in the sector, students and companies from all over the world since its arrival to Barcelona in 2002.

Prize Reshape competition  
Thanks to this new partnership, Reshape V edition open new opportunity at the participate talents of the Reshape competition, giving at the winners the opportunity to participate at the Design for Wearables Postgraduate program with a Scholarship.

The Postgraduate in Design for Wearables focuses on future applications of Wearable Technologies, inviting students to predict new trends, drive novel solutions, and reshaping the existing market towards more sustainable models. Students learn how to combine data-driven strategies, blurring computational design, electronic devices, rapid prototyping, AR/VR and advanced interaction into the definition of a new creative workflow.

Wearable technology or fashionable tech refers to all smart devices that can be incorporated into clothes or worn as accessories, or implanted on the body. These devices, such as trackers, electronics, software, sensors, are characterized by their ability to exchange data as part of a node system defined as the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept of the IoT refers to the identification and interconnection of all objects through the Internet. This communication protocol bridges digital and physical realm, enhancing novel solutions to emerge in a new mixed scenario.

The impact of wearable technology is evident in education, entertainment, communication, navigation, fitness, and according to market trends will have even a larger impact in the healthcare sector, where could find the bigger potential in terms of applications.

About Reshape
Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society.