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Fungi Couture

Designer: Stephanie Santos


Fungi Couture is a digital- and bio- fabricated clothing collection, that took inspiration from the fungi kingdom by mimicing aesthetics – texture – design.
Fungi Couture went on researching in digital fabrication methods to decode the aesthetics and propreties of mushrooms and translate them into garments. Focusing on techniques and possibilities given by digital- and computational design created new perception and perspective of‘pattern making’ and ‘pattern manipulation’.

All of the collection was made around sustainable approaches, either by biofabricated materials or second-hand – low impact fabrics for the garments.
Fungi Couture wants to prove the possibilities of creating a wearable and aesthetically pleasing collection fabricated in digital-,computational-, and sustainable ways. 2.0 Fashion is here !


The Collection
It is composed of 7 pieces : 4 fabric pieces / 3 bioplastic (+ fabric) and all digitally designed and/or digitally fabricated. All of the work is handmade. The process involves couture, digital design, and even cooking.

Descriptions :
Outfit one
– Kimono Top –
Secondhand fabric.
Digital-made patterns…tugal/.
Interlocking assembling.
Bioplastic coating.
– Distorted Lines Corset –
Bio-resin composite and
Digitally designed.
Glued with leftover
– Elegant shroomy pants –
Traditional made à la

Leftover fabric from
previous work.

Outfit two
– Subtle elegant dress –
Digital 2D patterns.
Machine stitched.
Burned edges.
– Invaded Corset –
Bioplastic, tulle & beeswax
composite rues.
Agar-agar bioplastic, tulle
Rues : lasercutted &
interlocked + stitched.
– Fungi bucket bag –
Leftover fabric from
previous work.
Digital fabricated.
Interlocking assembled.
Partly stitched ( handles and bottom ).