The Reshape Forum is a meeting event where the new talents, from the Reshape competition, meet with top industry, form the Technology and innovation field, to discuss new ideas and solution in the wearable and design industry.
The Reshape Forum 2017 was hosted during the event of IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions – Fira de Barcelona from the 3rd to the 6th of October.The Reshape Forum agenda was composed of a series of presentations, panel discussions, conferences, and the design exhibition.

The expert panel and the of the 3rd edition of Reshape gathered professionals of the fashion and technology. The reshape symposium have a please to have speakers as  Areti Markopoulou Academic Director at IAAC, Cecilia Raspanti Co-founder Textile Lab Amsterdam, Grace Jun Executive Director at Open Style Lab,Peter Hanappe from Sony Computer Science Laboratory , Adrian Welch E-Architect, Director,Simone Cesano Adidas, Miquel Serrano Director of IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions,Anastasia Pistofidou Fab textiles research lab founder and Paul Sohi Product Designer and Fusion360 expert for Autodesk.

The selected designers, from the Reshape competition, had a face to face meeting with entrepreneurs and experts. Those meeting aimed to discuss the projected selected having a real feedback.  This format aimed to build new collaborations and partnerships among the parts involved.

During the Reshape Roundtable, the expert panel moderating by Aldo Sollazzo exchanged ideas around topics based on the wearable technology, textile industry, and innovation in the design process. The experts with a specialized background in areas such as fashion design, product innovation and wearable technology examined and discussed opportunities for further business development and future applications of the submitted design proposals.

The selected designers, from the Reshape competition, has been invited on stage to present the projects at the Reshape expert panel and the audience of  IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions.

Reshape Forum host the Reshape Exhibition organized by Noumena in collaboration with Materfad: Centro de materiales de Barcelona and Marcelo Vilà.  Reshape showcase the best projects proposed for the Reshape competition and present it to the audience of the Industry Week in Barcelona.

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RESHAPE 17 Wearable technology competition – programmable skins

YEAR 2017

Fira de Barcelona, Spain

Marcelo Vila

Video Credits
Joan Guillamat
Photo Credits
Federica Ciccone

Art director Adidas.

“I was surprised by the amount of connections that happen very quickly. We have been talking to very different people in a very short amount of time. Barcelona is a very interesting place for design, and the way things are approached here is  somewhat unconventional, which is exactly what we’re looking for.”

Executive Director at Open Style Lab, Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design.

“We think the human as the center of the design, so always we start with the person. We work with human disabilities whether from injury or from aging. Therefore every technique and textile to use is considered for people needs. We do not deny that the design is important in processes, such as style and fashion are definitely premieres in the process for the  empowerment, self-confidence and individuality identity.”

Co-founder TextileLab Amsterdam, Concept developer & Designer FabLab Amsterdam – Waag Society..

“For me, the most interesting thing is actually platforms like IN(3D)USTRY and RESHAPE where all these people come together and we can finally meet in person. There are always people where you talk and collaborate online, and you share so much of the work, but they’re somewhere else across the globe. So this is one of the moments where all these people can come together and actually share and talk and see where other things can go and dream a little bit together.”

Fab textiles research lab founder, Fab Lab Barcelona,IaaC MAA, MAI faculty, Fab Lab Santiago,Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez faculty..

“We have been using 3D printing in the Textiles Lab for the last seven years, and we’ve seen a huge evolution in applications and also in demand. There are more designers creating pieces with AM, which also opens up applications for research, experimentation, and end-use products.”

Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, researcher.  P2P Food Labs, founder. LettuceThink, founder. CitizenSeeds, founder. NoiseTube, founder..

“The best thing here is the mixture of different communities. I think this is essential; to have people from industry mixed with people from research, education, and the arts so we can contrast our views, match them, and come up with brand new ones.”

Academic Director at IAAC, Digital Matter Lead Researcher, StudioP52, founder.

“We are architects and we are urban thinkers and we are designers.So we are focusing the work and the research of additive manufacturing in the application into the architectural scale. We have been seeing 3Drinting to impact different disciplines in small scales, usually. And we want to understand how it will start impacting architecture and what are the possibilities of 3D printing into the construction sector”

Product Designer and Fusion360 expert for Autodesk.

“Mass customization and additive manufacturing really go hand-in-hand. We’re not talking about mass customization in terms of totally unique products every single time, but taking base data and geometry, and tailoring it to individuals each time.”

Architect co-founder Fab City Grand Paris, Design by Data and Volumes.

“We believe that education is the key factor where innovation starts. With Design by Data we are focused on designing new products to educate and transmit knowledge.What we need to do as an educator is connect the gaps between learning and working, bringing our students through exploration process, prototyping, and research. “

Consul of Italy in Barcelona.

” With the Embassy of  Madrid, we start to observe the reality of designers, creative and talents, and we decided to create a new platform calls ITmakES.  Promoting Italy abroad, ITmakES is about how Italy and Spain can collaborate to support the new talents. Therefore we try to become a point of reference, to facilitate the connection and the process between the designer and the industry”



Mathilde Marengo is an Australian – French – Italian PhD Architect whose research focuses on the Contemporary Urban Phenomenon, its integration with technology, and its speculative implications on the future of our planet – or the next. She is currently the Head of Studies and Faculty at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia’s Advanced Architecture Group, as well as being a PhD Supervisor within the InnoChain EU research project.

Directo of Materfad – the material center of Barcelona.

Valerie Bergeron joined Reshape as the interviewer during the Reshape Award ceremony.


Director of Reshape and Noumena research. education. design studio.

“For this edition of RESHAPE, we understood we needed to combine design, technology, and actual market needs. Our task was to trigger the collaboration between our global network of designers and companies like Adidas, Sony, and Autodesk and to learn how they can contribute to the needs the market presents.”