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..”Could you tell us a bit more about the intellectual process and concept behind the Reshape competition and Forum?

We strongly believe Technology is valuable only when responds to specific needs. Needs coming from societal and ecological challenges, envisioning a shift towards more sustainable Ecosystems informed by new Values. With Reshape we are creating the right platform to allow all the main actors to set a common ground where to redirect these visions into solutions with the final goal to produce a positive impact on our Society. The operation of Reshape is structured into 3 main actions. Launched on a yearly basis, the Reshape Competition focuses on tech in fashion and smart products. The contest, organized in collaboration with INDUSTRY-From Needs to Solutions and Fira Barcelona, attracts designers worldwide willing to explore the impact of tech in design solutions on our daily life, habitats, and social behaviours.”

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About Reshape
Reshape is a platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology in our society.
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