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Be Grounded

Designers: Lara Campos

beGrounded – growing clothing to feel nature
“In a context of environmental collapse, design can open a space for dialogue between humans and other living beings, where they blur the ideas of “wild”and
“domestic” to build forms of relationship and coexistence that are more enriching and respectful between species. ” For everyone who wants to experience Earthing through garments, beGROUNDED is a kit that includes everything necessary to germinate your handcrafted piece and wear it as an idillyc representation of symbiosis with nature.
The basis of the project involves growing plants on textiles in order to be closer to nature and tackles how different it feels to wear living materials and its beneficial energies, proposing nature as the cognified matter. This is possible due to the technological and scientific research done towards textiles production, which allows innovation to be right on the edge of the change in the perception of our habitats, ecosystems, bodies, social behaviours and interactions. This project is an example of how imminent new paradigms are emerging due to new technologies and digital fabrication combined with biology (biotechnology).

Considering the Earthing theory, this biotechnologic garment has potential healing properties, leading to an upcoming fashion industry where users can deal with common health issues such as stress and anxiety through garments, also linked to the upcoming macro trend of interconnection between users, environment and data. Moreover, according to the sustainability of the kit and the model of production, it involves diverse biodegradable matter, leading to a 100% biodegradable product with a circular economy. Relating to the state of art and inspiration, beGrounded explores the communication between humans and nature as an emotional and artistic act through textiles, as we are all part of the whole natural system existing in our planet.
The project universe consists of:
√ Reshape natural resources; explore raw materials
√ Form follows materials -nowadays materials have an active role in design, creating form and expression, not just fulfilling technical requirements
√ Empathize with other living species and be conscious of their life cycle
√ Encourage craft skills (gardening, weaving/knitting)
√ Interconnect users, environment and data
√ Clothing solution that establish a connection with the natural environment
√ Committed with a sustainable cycle of the resources involved
√ Clothe ourselves without costing the Earth


The kit includes the weaved piece, bamboo hanger, sprayer bottle, user manual and the box. It is 100% biodegradable. As in the end of the life cycle of the kit, either the sprouts will be cut and eaten if desired, and the garment will be wore without theplants till turn it into soil at disposal stage, or the garment will lay on the earth to make the sprouts grow bigger and stronger. The other elements could be reused and disposed as organic matter as well.
The user experience involves an idillyc interaction between both living species, human and sprouts. Since they start growing, you see their life evolving, from seeds to little sprouts, growing every day a little bit till the user can see sparklings of green on the top. There’s a shift as the user start empathizing with those little sprouts and feel life- giving energies, as well as a natural relaxing feeling while wearing it, bonding with a natural environment.
The economical estimation of the kit is around 80 €, considering costs of all naturalresources (raw materials supporting organic production) and human ones (supporting craft techniques and fair trade).
The project continues evolving as two different paths emerge. On one side the application of the seed’s yarn in different utilities and structures, on the other side the exploration with aromatic seeds to intensify the experience (aromatherapy), and adding colour through sprouts colour palette.