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A.M. Mask

Designers: Xiaoyu Liu ; Zixuan Liu ; Thanchanok Klabsong ; Jialiang Li


A.M., standing for air mate, is a mask-based smart product protecting children from air pollution impact, consequently, changing human’s attitude and behavior toward air protection. Humans haven been fighting air pollution for decades since 20th century. Countries made great effort on air protection. However, the worldwide air pollution issue is still not completely solved. In contrast, it shows a worse trend in some countries. Therefore, other than the traditional methods, our project means to find a new angle to solve air pollution. According to the previous research, children has become a critical group of people we have concerned. We raise an outlook look: if children are educated to respect the nature, then, generation by generation. The air pollution, as expected, can be gradually solved through a scale of entire society.

A.M is made up of both hardware and software. The hardware is a mask-based device worn on children user’s face. It filters harmful particles in the air pollution when children wear it. Meanwhile, A.M. is a sensitive device detecting the air pollution index and send alarming signals to its user in order to leaving a hazardous area. Next, the user (child) can just wear this mask until they are in a safe area. Meanwhile, the data will be sent to the software side, therefore guardian can use smart phone to check a real-time status of their children through index and location report. The wearing style is handy for children. There are two stretchable straps on the mask. When there is a need to use, user can pull it out from the inside of mask. Then tie them with a button at the back of head. When it is unnecessary to wear the mask, user can take it off from face, and tie it on their arm or twist.
On the software side, users (guardians) can receive up-to-date information about air pollution. They can check the report of real-time air pollution where hardware is being used, in other words, the location of their children. These data will be shown as a report, analyzing children’s experience weekly, monthly and annually. Therefore, guardians will have a better understanding of their children’s status. The real-time index will also be shared on a map that all the users can check. This means that, children who are using A.M. outdoor are also a form reporter for APP user to learn the air pollution as a large scale. They will see a map of air quality index by spots on the geographic map. This will help guardians to look up where is good to go or not.


Also, users can read news of air pollution and articles about relevant solution. A.M. provides a platform to allow all the users learn how to improve our air quality.
To improve the connection between children and A.M., a game is engaged as a system for encouraging children to use frequently. On the side of hardware, children can play a video game to growing a tree. They could keep watering a plant every day until it is grown. In addition, some behaviors can change the progress of this growth. Children get increase and decrease in scores which is represented by the amount the water in a watering can. When children finish some given tasks, the amount of water will be increased. However, if the mask detects a big quantity of harmful particles, it will result in a lesser increase of the water. This is a method to force children leaving polluted area immediately once it is detected.
Material Application: The filter is made of HEPA, a common material of home air clean machine, but not usually used in mask. This material has three method to reduce the particles with different sizes by the tiny hole on the material surface. strap: applying the mechanism of lighter leash to put inside of the mask.