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Noumena in collaboration with Cecilia Raspanti from Waag Society presented Coralia 2.0  dress at Bio Meets Digital Event.

Bio Meet Digital was five days event organized by Atelier Néerlandais (part of the Dutch embassy in Paris), TextileLab Amsterdam and Waag.  The event hosted a series of appointment as a masterclass, panel, discussions and different presentations to explore the potential of bio-tech and digitalisation for a fashion ecology with experts from the fashion industry and innovation material as:

Pauline Vierne (Design Research Lab, DE) -“Fashion tech asks for sustainability”
Valérie Lamontagne (AMFI and 3lectromode, NL- “Nature: the source of inspiration”
Tjeerd Veenhoven, Judith Goyaud-Schiltz (matériO) – “Towards a Fashion Ecology

Presentation from: Carole Collet (Central Saint Martins, UK), Fabrice Jonas (ModeLab, FR), Ista Boszhard and Cecilia Raspanti (TextileLab Waag, NL)

Meanwhile, a fashion exhibition was showcasing projects on the cutting edge of technology, biology and design. The works represent an innovative vision of the relationship between man and nature with the main question: how can technology be used to refine the potential of sustainable alternatives in the fashion and textile industry?
Therefore, Noumena and Cecilia Raspanti presented Coralia 2.0.

“Coralia 2.0” is an ongoing collaborative project that explores how generative design can explore new realms at the intersection between nature, the human body and digital technologies. “Coralia” brings together hi-tech 3D printing technologies, fashion, textiles and craftsmanship. The project demonstrates how these two can complement and enhance each other’s main features and limitations through the digitalisation and understanding of nature’s growth patterns together with geometries generated from the human body. The 3D printed elements of the garment are generated through the study of growth patterns from the Schizophyllum fungi. The technique used allows for precision in emulating the mushroom’s shape, behaviour and textures, which is unachievable with other techniques. The textile enhances these features, though it’s lightness on one side, and it’s injected abstract patterns on the other.

Moreover, the exhibition presented works of Violaine BuetClara DaguinIris van Herpen, Aniela Hoitink, Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli), , Diana Scherer, Amber Jae Slooten, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Jeanne Vicerial, and materials from the ‘materiOthèque’ matériO

Watch the exhibition, Video.

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