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ADIDAS, for the second year, is a partner with Reshape for the  Reshape18 | sensing materialities Competition and for the main event RESHAPE FORUM.


Adidas managed to bridge sports, streetwear, and fashion in a way that has made it one of the worlds the most innovative brands. More recently it’s made huge strides in its competition with Nike and Under Armour with brand partnerships such as Parley and collaboration with designers like Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Behnaz Farahi.
During our last meeting at the Reshape Forum 2017, Simone Cesano, Senior Director design operation for Adidas, take part at the Reshape Symposium talking about the creative process that characterized the Adidas design.
Simone presents the Adidas Maker Lab, where people with the different background can challenge themselves and create shoes or t-shirt with an hand-craft approach.
“…Even when we make new courses on digital tools like 3D printing, we go back to make things with the hands in a very analogue way. This approach helps to make balance in all different aspect that we face during the creative process and to understand how we have to translate physical model in the product” Simone Cesano said.


The selected designers form Reshape 17 competition had the opportunity to have a personal meeting, 1:1 corner, with the Reshape partners and discuss with them, with a critical approach,  the project presented.
“…I was surprised about the amount of connection that happens here at Reshape Forum. We have been talking with different people from experts to young designers and  Being here looking at how the new generation picking up the new technology and moving head the world with them, it is fundamental. We will take a lot out from Reshape program ” Said Simone Cesano on the Interview by Mathilde Marengo from Reshape.
We are looking forward to meeting Adidas at the RESHAPE FORUM 2018 and discuss with them about the new aspect and role of the body and technology in our daily life.

Participate a the event as Designer submit your proposal at Reshape18 | sensing materialities Competition.

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