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Yesterday, concluded the MakerFaire Barcelona 2018.

The winner’s project forms the Reshape 2017 has been exhibited at the international audience of the Maker Faire Barcelona.
The Maker Faire brings together the local and international Maker Community, understanding this community as a broad universe that brings together researchers and practitioners from the Maker movement together with Universities and Research Centers and socially innovative companies.

The GS3 project from the Russian designers  Snezhana Paderina and Nikita Replyanski won the MAKER FAIRE MERIT prize for the best project exhibited.
Graduated Spine Support System GS3 – is a wearable device designed to provide dynamic back support. Using data assessed by an integrated neural network, GS3’s lightweight cable mechanism can easily and precisely adjust to the wearer’s rigidity and support level.

GS3’s goal is to reinvent the orthopaedic brace so that people could have both spinal support with a broad range of mobility and look good while wearing it. The research also pointed to a broader spectrum of potential wearers: clients who are undergoing physical rehabilitation and clients who perform heavy physical tasks. 

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MAKER FAIRE | Barcelona 2018