Roca Gallery - What’s next


One of the entries of RESHAPE15, Goya by Natalia Chaves Bruno, was selected to participate in the Lisbon edition of the “What’s next” exhibition, in June 2016. It was amongst other projects constituting important breakthroughs in the current design and technology scene.



Imprimida is an 8-day immersive camp which merges computational design, physical computing and digital fabrication in order to augment the perceptive and interactive possibilities of the body with the environment, through embedded sensors. 

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FAB10Barcelona consisted in one week of events focused on open and accessible technologies that also held the potential to change current worlwide existence. FAB10Barcelona gathered international Fab Lab community, and hosted the FAB Festival and the Fab City Symposium. During the awards ceremony held within FAB10, Reshape represented its community introducing the makers and designers that are now part of our network.

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Maker Faire

ROME, 2014

Showcasing makers who explore new technologies and forms across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft, Maker Faire became the hub to exhibit “Reshape15 | wearable technology competition” shortlisted entries.